Ghosts ‘n Goblins Online (KR) – PvP added for CBT 2

[More info] Several months after Closed Beta 1 ended, Ghosts’n Goblins Online will finally be entering Closed Beta 2 today in Korea! Lasting only a mere 5 days, Player Vs Player (PvP) will be added and the main feature to be tested out along with a couple of new dungeons and areas. PvP will come in either 1 Vs 1 or 3 Vs 3, with new skilled only limited for this mode. For example, there is a skill which allows players to attack a nearby foe even if they are knocked down.

There will be a PvP match-making window, where players can search for others on equal level of PvP skills. I suppose this is done by matching the K/D ratio. Points will be given out after each match, and they can be used to upgrade their characters.

The new dungeons will include an underwater sewer area, where players will have to maneuver carefully to avoid being drowned. I guess these are just normal pit holes which players will fall into if jumping is not controlled properly.

To cap things off, there will be various new skills, and the auction house and mail system now usable. The game UI is apparently tweaked as well to allow players to access keys faster and more graphical resolutions are implemented. My only question is, how the hell are players able to test all these new features with just 5 days?!