Power Rangers Online – Teaser website goes live

Power Rangers Online’s new teaser website got updated with some information, but there is still no trailer or screenshots. But through some of the 3D character models, including the monster ones I posted previously, it seems the game will indeed be full 3D instead of the rumored cell-shaded graphics some foreign sites were speculating.

From the image above, 4 of the basic features are introduced, mainly the game being an action one, with monsters found from the series, ability to transform and of course, forming parties. The images below are the 5 rangers which players will get to choose from.

Although there is still no date set for Closed Beta, the first private test phase will be limited to just 5,000 players. However, it was posted that each successful candidate will be able to invite 2 friends into the test phase as well. As usual, only Korean players will be able to register for the draw. More info to come when available.