Wizardry Online – Open Beta exceeds expectations

The Open Beta phase for Gamepot Japan’s new MMORPG, Wizardry Online, began yesterday evening to with a huge pop. Despite having to fork out 3990 Japanese Yen (USD 52.09) to activate the game, Gamepot Japan announced earlier today that the number of registered players has exceeded 100,000. Several new events are being planned to celebrate this milestone.

This number is really something to take notice of, as Japan is considered as an untapped market for online games. It wasn’t until recently that foreign Free to Play developers and companies, especially from China and Taiwan, began setting up on the Land of the Rising Sun.

As posted earlier, Gamepot’s executives confirmed during E3 2011 that Wizardry Online will be hitting the English shores in the near future. It will be a welcome addition to the current dismay stable of games Gamepot USA has on show currently (link).