Bounty Hounds Online – New game details announced

Here are some new details regarding the game. As you can see from the pictures below, every class in the game will be able to launch ranged attacks or melee attacks, but the effectiveness will vary according to the player’s class.

According to reports, the classes will be Agent (like a spy/assassin class), Bio Soldier (melee specialist), Striker (supposedly a ranged class) , Blaster (long range cannon attacks) and Engineer (more like a trapper in this game).

Bounty Hounds Online characters

The robotic pets in this game plays a huge part in the player’s adventures. It can learn various skills, buffs, debuffs and attacks to aid the player. It can also “evolve”, or upgraded into stronger forms. Every robotic pet will have a Humanoid form too.

Bounty Hounds Online pets

Seen below are some artwork pieces of the available playable classes found in Bounty Hounds Online. Pretty simple yet cool names for all, especially the Bio Soldier 🙂 Click on the images to find out their names!

Bounty Hounds Online - Bio Soldier Bounty Hounds Online - Blaster Bounty Hounds Online - Engineer Bounty Hounds Online - Spy Bounty Hounds Online - Striker