War of Angels

Please do not be puzzled why I am using CroXino as the game banner. CroXino is the Japanese name for the game, and the banner looks alot better 😀 It was also known as Chain of Destiny previously on the English MMO market. Some of the words in this post are borrowed from the official site itself, but I will try to add my own writings from the view of the other version (Japan).

Official English site: http://warofangels.gamigo.com/

War of Angels is the new, free to play Online Role Playing Game from gamigo. Discover this detailed fantasy world with its unique anime style. Despite the anime style, the game is actually developed in Korea, not in Japan. Players start out as neutral players, but while progressing, they will have the chance to choose between 2 sides, Light and Dark, which basically means hostility and PKs.

There will be 4 basic classes, each branching out to a further 2.

1. Fighter will branch out to Warrior/Knight.

2. Mage will branch out to Sorcerer/Cleric.

3. Ranger will branch out to Archer/Hunter.

4. Rogue will branch out to Avenger/ Scout.

One of the main features of the game is the unique ability to fight on land, under water and in the skies. Who said Aion is the only aerial battle MMORPG around 😀 And deep water fighting is really, really unique too for a F2P MMORPG.

Here are the features as described on the website:

War of Angels offers a complete and beautifully designed fantasy world, whose graphic style -a blend of a Japanese comic book style and western elements – is just one of War of Angel’s revolutionary features. Winged characters have exciting battles not only on land but also underwater and in the air. An intuitive town building system allows guilds to create cities according to their demands – but battles decide who rules these cities in the future.

Players can rear pets and mounts – their traits and characteristics will depend on the food fed to the player’s companion as it grows. Obviously, War of Angels comes with a variety of trading and community functions as well as a sophisticated crafting system. Finally, this unique RPG has a non-linear storyline – one that directly affects the character’s development. Players can decide whether they will choose the path of righteousness or descend into the darkness.