Legend of Edda

From the developers of Luna Online (EYA Interactive), comes a brand new 3D MMORPG, Legend of Edda. Based on an ancient mythical theme, not much is known currently as it enters closed beta on 21st August 09. What I do know is that even though the game might look too cute, there will be lots more PVP/PK/RVR features compared to Luna Online, with players choosing to ally with one of the gods (Light and Darkness).

There will also be lots more instanced dungeons for solo/party play, which was missing from Luna Online (apart from the Couple’s Dungeon). EYA Interactive has commented that while this game looks like an enhanced version of Luna Online, while adding many more new features unique to this game.

Update: The 2 factions players can pledge their allegiance to are Olympus and Titan respectively.

The classes ingame are as follows:

Fighter tree: Warrior, Swordsman
Rogue tree: Assassin, Archer
Mage tree: Cleric, Wizard

As seen below, the classes will branch out further, similar to the deep class system found in Luna Online. Be sure that lots more advanced classes will be added as the game progresses.

Holy War System: Not much is known at this moment, but it will involve bringing each faction’s holy item to each other’s spawning spot in the battlefield. If you disconnect or logout while in the battlefield map, there will be a 5 minute wait before you can enter again.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Update: New poster.

Update: 2 new screenshots.

Update: First trailer for the game revealed ~!!!.