NIDA Online

NIDA Online is being teased as one of the upcoming F2P MMOs in the English market. Here’s a brief background on the game:

– Billed as a hybrid action MMORPG
– Game was initially started by 3 Korean programmers (yeap, 3 person in a company)
– NIDA stands for New Interactive Digital Arts Entertainment, the developing company
– Backdrop is a mixture of Middle Age/ Medieval theme plus some modern elements

Let’s talk about the game. There will be 4 classes to choose from, and from direct translation, Knight, Magician, Summoner and Artificer.

The features listed are:

1. Mount system: players can enjoy the trill of battling on various kinds of fantasy mounts. Knights get various horses and tigers, Magicians/Summoners get wings which enables them to “fly”and Mechanists get… well, robts (mecha) and various other robotic rides.

2. Weapon Upgrade system: Various ways to upgrade your weapons, and make them shine like the rainbow on the battlefields ~!

3. Duel Wielding system: Well, like the name itself suggest, you can duel wield almost any weapons ingame, guns, rifles, swords… not sure about staffs 😀

4. Devil’s Tower: Hmn, let’s just say the tower is an instance limited to a certain number of players, and its full of epic mobs and loots, and if my translation skill is still polished, there will be a treasure chest at the end of the tower. Once a person gets it, the rest of the group must kill him to get it, or he kills the others. Last person surviving will get the uber rare loots from the chest…

5. Guild Wars system: What fun is a MMORPG now without guild wars ? Guild wars here can be adjusted prior, with the shortest time being 10mins and to the longest, 3days.

6. Card Trading system: Have unwanted equipments ? Instead of selling them to NPCs, players can trade them for cards at the Card Master. Using the cards, random equipments can be traded, and some are rare ones exclusive to this feature too~!

There are a few other features, but let’s just wait till the game has a official site 🙂

Official English site: