Cabal II – Original class from first game revealed for CryEngine sequel

Developer ESTsoft recently teased a new class which will arrive for the Korean server of Cabal II on 30 August, and he is none other than the Blader from the original Cabal Online. Different from the already available Force Blader, this “new” class will focus more on melee physical attacks, though not much details were provided in the announcement. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the update!

Cabal II Blader teaser

And as for the English servers of Cabal II, the North America and Europe servers are still running, though there is a serious lack of marketing done after launch. For the SEA English server under Asiasoft, the publisher has only managed to launched a localised version in Thailand, with the official website still spotting an old Google survey and the Facebook page dead since over 12 months ago.



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