Twin Saga – Founder’s Beta is now live for new anime-style MMORPG

[Game website] While I have already played Twin Saga during its Taiwanese launch sometime back (as Astral Realm), I was invited by Aeria Games to give the “updated version” for the English Founder’s Beta a try. Developed once again by X-Legend Entertainment, Twin Saga features the signature anime-style designs with a colorful world to boot. More details on the Founder’s Beta can be found here.


As you can see, customization for characters is limited, with only 3 classes available at this time. However, more classes can be unlocked for the same character later in the game, which is a system seen in games developed by X-Legend, including Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal. The pet system this time is known as “Senshi”, and it would take around 30 to 40 minutes before getting the first.