Peria Chronicles – Online game missing from new launch roadmap

If you remember Peria Chronicles, give yourself a pat on the back. The latest financial presentation from Nexon, listed in Japan, does not feature the missing sandbox MMORPG for its upcoming launch schedule despite being announced back at G-Star 2014. Developer Thingsoft has since been absorbed by Nexon as an internal studio, and according to the milestone, it is working on a mobile game.

Nexon - August 2016 pipeline

Is Peria Chronicles delayed? Well, the poor game, despite the ambitious features, does not even have a proper website of its own since the announcement. I am guessing the game is delayed indefinitely to cater the more lucrative mobile gaming market. Also, Moonlight Blade will only launch in South Korea, which was announced some time back, so don’t hold your hopes up for an English server.