The Day Online – Next generation sci-fi MOBA enters Steam Early Access

[Steam page] Touted by developer Reloaded Studios as a “next generation” MOBA, The Day Online is now available through Steam via the Early Access program. A third-person action MOBA powered by CryEngine, The Day Online allows players jumping right into the action by minimizing farming hassles during the early game period. The endless number of battles are really close in proximity, as every player is targeting for that all-important last-hit kill.

To immensely speed up the gameplay, The Day Online also features skills and abilities casting without having to use any resources. Three unique battlefields such as Downtown, Resources Battlefield, Deathmatch have installations that could change the tide of the game. Hence, it is important that excellent individual skills, good teamwork and instant decision combine to achieve victory. Enjoy the various gameplay trailers found in this post!


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