Black Desert – Ninja arriving soon and details on greatsword character

As previously teased in an event in Japan, the new Ninja character (male counterpart of Kunoichi) will be arriving in the South Korea server later this month. Just like the Assassin class in most online games, the Ninja’s main weapons are his stealth skills and subsequent burst attack from the shadows. Of course, it is advisable not to get caught, and dodging every attack requires veteran controls.

Black Desert - Ninja image

A new system was also given an early mention, currently known as the Character Weapon Awakening (tentative name) system. Apparently, characters will be able to wield a different weapon once the requirements are met. The first character to get this system will be the Warrior. Originally wielding a sword and shield, he will be able to swing a greatsword once the awakening system is activated.

Black Desert - Warrior with greatsword

Developer PearlAbyss is busy preparing to open new maps. They include Part 2 of the Valencia region update, which will feature coastal areas, a far difference from the sandy deserts related to Valencia. Part 3 of the Valencia region update is previewed, with players now able to venture out to the seas battling pirates on ships, along with maritime trade and discovery of a brand new continent.

Black Desert - Valencia Part 2 update image Black Desert - Valencia Part 3 update image