Black Desert – New Kunoichi class challenges veteran gamer controls

The 11th class for Black Desert was revealed earlier today, and it is the Kunoichi (male version should be Shinobi or Ninja I guess). A stealthy assassin with minimal defensive stats, she makes use of her various crowd control skills, such as smoke bombs, to distract enemies and attack by surprise. Able to close in on targets behind the shadows, her burst damage is something not to be trifled with!


Publisher Daum Games and developer PearlAbyss have stated the Kunoichi class is suitable only for skilled players, since it is important to juggle several different skills to both deal and avoid damage. In PVP, all players should really watch their backs (not really possible since the game is in default third person view)! The English version of Black Desert is still under development.

Black Desert - Kunoichi screenshot 1 Black Desert - Kunoichi screenshot 2 Black Desert - Kunoichi screenshot 3 Black Desert - Kunoichi screenshot 4