ArcheAge – Music video revealed with official launch on the horizon

In less than 48 hours, Tencent Games will finally launch ArcheAge in China. As reported previously, SNH48, the Chinese sister team of Japan’s AKB48, is the official spokesperson for ArcheAge China. An official music video performed by the group was revealed at a live event just a few hours ago. All 16 members of SNH48 will be in-game NPCs to guide players through the launch events.


Exclusive to the China server, developer XLGAMES will be expanding the PVP features and maps as part of the localization process. It was mentioned content and game updates for the China server has already been planned till 2017, with the launch version already “ahead” of the other servers. Asian costumes and cosmetics will gradually be added into the game, including the panda glider.

ArcheAge China screenshot