ArcheAge – Tencent Games finally launching China server next month

After years of waiting, Tencent Games finally confirmed ArcheAge China will be launching on 8 September. The game is currently in a no-data wipe phase, although accounts must have an activation key. It was claimed the launch delay was due to localizing content. The spokesperson for ArcheAge China was also revealed to be local girl group, SNH48, the Chinese sister team of Japan’s AKB48.

ArcheAge China - SNH48 promo image 1 ArcheAge China - SNH48 promo image 2

For the official launch, the level cap will be at 50, and features such as player housing, trade runs, Pirate faction, faction PVP will all be available. Tencent Games mentioned that “new” features will be added swiftly, and the first update in September appears to involve the massive boss known as Red Dragon. Will the game find success in China, being the last server of the game to launch?

ArcheAge China - SNH48 promo image 3 ArcheAge China - SNH48 promo image 4