Kakao Games – Korean gaming giant reveals global plans for 2021

It is the time of the year where listed companied share their financial numbers with the public for the third quarter (July to September) 2020, and Kakao Games started the ball rolling. The company stepped up its game offerings significantly over the past year, and Net Income actually improved by 697.4% compared to the same period last year. Compared to the last quarter (April to June), Net Income improved by nearly 60%! Mobile gaming is key, as games such as Guardian Tales brought in the chunk of income. Great job by the team!

Let’s move on to the upcoming game launches which stretches to 2021. Of course, there are still other games not mentioned in this document and keep under wraps, so expect even more titles to be added to the timeline. Here is a quick summary:

Est. Launch Game title Platform Region Model
10 Dec 2020 Elyon PC South Korea Buy-to-Play
2Q 2021 Odin PC / Mobile South Korea TBC
3Q 2021 Moonlight Sculptor Mobile Global TBC
3Q 2021 World Flipper Mobile Global TBC
4Q 2021 Soul Artifact Mobile South Korea TBC
2H 2021 Elyon PC North America / Europe Buy-to-Play


Do take this schedule with a pinch of salt as game launches are almost confirmed to be delayed all the time. In case you missed the news, Kakao Games is now a major investor of XLGAMES, with the development of ArcheAge 2 now in its early concept stage using Unreal Engine 5. While we do feel that Kakao Games can do better with more global titles, let’s see what surprises can the company spring when G-Star 2020 finally begins next week!