Arena of Valor – Developer teases 2 new games including a possible MMORPG

While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift are no doubt market leaders in the mobile MOBA sector, it seems that many has forgotten about Arena of Valor, or better known as 王者荣耀. One of the most popular and profitable games in China, Arena of Valor recently celebrated its 5th anniversary, with Tencent Games and its subsidiary developer TiMi Studios announcing 2 new games concepts based on the MOBA. Let us take a very quick look, and do remember that these are just early concept teasers!

Codename: Dawn Break (代号: 破晓)

While no specifics were provided by either Tencent Games or TiMi Studios, it seems like this is a 3D side-scroll action RPG with both PVP and PVE elements.

Codename: Journey Begins (代号: 启程)

There are even less clues in this teaser trailer, but several media outlets are guessing that this is actually a MMORPG based on Arena of Valor.