Nexon – South Korea gaming giant is hiring for 2 new game projects

Other than Project BBQ being developed at subsidiary devCat, it does seem that Nexon is stepping out of the PC gaming market in the near future. However in recent months, job postings on Nexon’s official recruitment website says otherwise. The Korean gaming giant is now hiring for 2 projects, with one confirmed for the PC and mobile. Let’s take a look!

Currently known as a “new MMORPG project” based in Nexon’s new development headquarters,” there are several listings for this game. Using Unreal Engine 4, Nexon is pursuing “an AAA-class masterpiece game that can satisfy users in all aspects such as content and visuals.” The basics of this unnamed project was also listed, such as:

  • Medieval fantasy setting
  • Based on new IP
  • Seamless loading world with minimal number of channels
  • A variety of guild content
  • Simultaneous mobile and PC support
  • There are structures such as garrisons/ forts/ castles
  • Quarter-view camera system (similar to Diablo)

The next project is more peculiar, as there is only 1 job listing. Known as Project HP, Nexon is just hiring concept artists. The game also has a medieval setting with elements of magic. Some description used in the job posting include “this war is rooted in human strength and ambition” and “whether in armor or suits, we are living in the wild.” A bonus advantage for interested recruits is knowledge and interest in medieval and mythology. This is it so far!