Out of Reach: Treasure Royale – Pirate-themed naval battle royale surfaces on Steam

[Steam page] Indie developer Space Boat Studios and publisher Playway are now preparing its new game titled Out of Reach: Treasure Royale for launch later this year on Steam. A pirate-themed naval battle royale, it was first announced back in March 2019. The premise is pretty simple: Gather a crew, create a sail banner, travel on your ship and start a rebellious career of a pirate who cares only about his treasures and his rum. Sail the seas, look for trouble, be the last pirate standing to retrieve all the treasures up for the taking!

In Out of Reach: Treasure Royale, dozens of pirate crews face each other on the open sea and islands in a fast-paced, battle-royale style gameplay, focused on sailing, looting, bombarding and hunting treasures. While everyone starts off with just a sword and 10 cannon balls, they will eventually control their own pirate ship. Combat, exploration, and looting do not just take place on the seas, as there are currently 3 big regions consisting of several islands each with various biomes, towns, castles, wreckyards and ominous caves.

Core features for Out of Reach: Treasure Royale:

● Invite up to 3 friends, go alone or join a random team on one of the official, always-online servers

● Win a battle-royale style round against 25 to 99 other pirates

● Find loot, treasures and enemies on a 7sq mi (20km²) ocean with more than a dozen of islands (and more to come!)

● Use fully interactive ship to sail, ram, bombard and outstrip your opponents

● When eliminated – fight as a skeleton pirate against the others or wait for your crew to perform a revive ritual

● When left on a wrecked ship – sacrifice a part of your HP to summon a friendly Kraken to fetch you another one!

● Complete objectives and protect your treasure against other crews in the center of the Archipelago to win a round!

● Collect experience, unlock unique pirate clothes, customize ships, set up your crew’s banner!