Bless Unleashed – Neowiz announces new Bless MMORPG for PC

Neowiz announced the shutdown of Bless Online back in September 2019, bringing the end of a much-delayed Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG which launched to no success. At the same time, there was already another MMO based on Bless Online in the works: Bless Unleashed. This MMORPG is developed by Round8 (a Neowiz studio) and published by Bandai Namco for consoles, but Neowiz is confident enough to announce the game for the PC today. Bless Unleash’s Steam page is live now, with the action MMORPG scheduled for launch in 2021.

Bless Unleashed is an action MMORPG that takes players on an epic journey across a dynamic, sprawling world and tests their mettle against vicious monsters and in perilous dungeons. Built on the Unreal 4 Engine, Bless Unleashed also features unrivaled graphics for the genre that really immerse players in the vibrant landscapes. Deeply rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and a persistent progression system also add to the complexity of the game. Stay updated by following Bless Unleashed’s Steam page now!