KartRider: Drift – Popular racing game enters Closed Beta 2 on Steam and Xbox One

KartRider: Drift, the new Free-to-Playy kart racing game from Nexon, has started its second Closed Beta test via the Nexon Launcher, Steam, and Xbox One! KartRider: Drift will provide players with an abundance of never-before-seen content in Closed Beta 2, including in-game enhancements such as a revamped User Interface, a contextual rear view mirror, and refined physics that significantly improve the overall racing experience.

All racers will also be introduced to an all-new character, Diz, and brand new tracks. In addition, drifters can deck out their characters with a variety of colorful new skins and emotes, along with a robust set of kart customizations featuring an assortment of decals, paint jobs, wraps, and more for maximum personalization. Players can also test out new systems such as the Racing School mode where they can improve their basic racing skills, as well as the Racing Pass that provides a mixture of exciting unlocks for more content.

As a thank you to beta testers, KartRider: Drift will reward players with special daily login bonuses, including the Turbo Tortoise Kart, Bunny Buggy Kart, Simian Scrapper Kart, and Deuce Coupe Kart. Beta participants will also receive a White Cloud Balloon item at official launch. To see a full list of available regions for Closed Beta 2, please follow this link.