Counterside – Nexon punishes corrupt employees and gets police involved in another issue

Nexon Korea recently ran into some issues with the operations team of its new mobile RPG, Counterside. You can read more about the game here. Basically, some Nexon employees sold in-house coupons, which should be gift codes, for Counterside to external players. These coupons were meant to be small rewards to Counterside players for giving the team constructive feedback and not meant to be sold. The issue was made public on 19 Feb, and findings were released on 26 Fe. The culprits were suspended, fined a sum “more than their salaries,” and the illegal profit of 8,000 Korean Won (9.20 USD) was recovered.

Nexon announced that internal employees will go through “ethics training” to avoid the same mistakes in the future. For the second major issue, apparently an internal employee “leaked” update information for Counterside in social group chats. It turned out that all information was false, but nonetheless Nexon took this issue seriously and “a complete survey was conducted on all internal employees.” Nexon also requested additional support from the police y investigating into this false information leakage issue. What a week!