Project RTD – Korean developer brings back classic genre with anime-style twist

NGELGAMES is an ambitious game publisher and developer based in South Korea, and over the past few months have showcased a couple of new games, including Project Pendion. Project RTD is a PC-only title based on the tower defense genre, a combination which might take many by surprise. Of course, there is the important element of cute anime-style girls acting as the towers… Closed Beta is now ongoing in South Korea, and it is unknown if NGELGAMES has the ambition or resources to bring Project RTD overseas to more markets.

According to some community sites, there is still a serious balance issue which needs to be fixed known as “cliff meta “said to exist since the early days of StarCraft random tower defense missions. Project RTD also supports a 6-player “PVP” mode to see which player survives the longest. I am still not sure why this is not on mobile too, perhaps NGELGAMES saw a chance in the PC gaming market. Stay tuned for more new updates on Project RTD!