DokeV – First look at in-game environment for Pearl Abyss’ friendly new MMORPG

Pearl Abyss today revealed new content on the DokeV website, offering an extended look at the collectible MMO for console and PC first unveiled at G-Star 2019. Featuring a lyric video for ROCKSTAR, the DokeV soundtrack theme developed in partnership with famous K-pop songwriting group GALACTIKA*, Pearl Abyss has also released the lyric video of ROCKSTAR contains the Korean lyrics and English translation to help people sing along. Watch it below!

The four new visuals revealed today show the world, characters and creatures of DokeV as well as the first video of the in-game environment. DokeV revolves around a wide variety of unique creatures, known as “Dokebi,” that grow and gain power from people’s dreams. DokeV is a MMORPG for suitable for all ages, and is currently aiming for beta test in 2020.

Just in case you missed it previously, here is the trailer for DokeV revealed at G-Star 2019!