Lost Ark – Quick look at expiring recruitment posts for English server

It has been a few weeks since we talked about the progress of Lost Ark, and we have been getting many requests for regular updates (which is impossible). So here are some of the latest details we found after a quick comb through developer Smilegate’s recruitment board. A host of open positions are expiring on 30 November, and here are some of the more interesting ones we found. Hopefully there are suitable candidates for these roles as Smilegate rushes for an English launch… next year? Well no one really knows, stay tuned!

Overseas Business PM

If you did not know, PM means Product Manager (in most cases that is). A key factor is the requirement to speak, write, and communicate effectively in English for business activities. Other hopeful traits include overseas game launch experience, a good understanding of MMORPG titles, and performing market research and analysis. Sounds pretty heavy!

Overseas Service Planner

Not only does the candidate got to have a minimum 2 years in planning for local and overseas services, he or she must have worked on “version control” for more than 2 countries with any online game. Fluency in English and Chinese is required, and bonus points if the candidate has overseas experience working or studying in countries with these 2 languages. Extra bonus points if the candidate has 5 or more years of live service planning experience! Man this is one tough job, multilingual and keen eye for detail…

Console Client Developer

It looks like Smilegate is both localizing Lost Ark and also getting ready the console version at the same time. Hopefully the team is not facing any serious crunch time! This position requires experience in Unreal Engine 3 and 4, along with console project and online game development chops. C / C ++ is the language of choice, with preferential treatment given to candidates whom launched a console project before and worked on a multi-platform game engine before. We are guessing Smilegate will require many people in this position…