Black Survival: Eternal Return – Alpha test signup begins for 15-player battle royale

[Steam page] This is an indie game which caught our eyes out of nowhere recently. Black Survival: Eternal Return is apparently a 3D sequel to the original game, Black Survival, which was a 2D game. Developed by South Korean studio Nimble Neuron, Black Survival: Eternal Return is a PC MMO survival title with 15 players in each match. Different from most core battle royale titles, it uses a top-down view with an anime-style overall design. It seems that applications for Alpha test is now ongoing at the game’s offical Discord channel.

Nimble Neuron is not well-known, but it previously worked on MINImax Tinyverse, a Free-to-Play title which we have heard about. In Black Survival: Eternal Return, players will choose from a bevy of characters with unique abilities rather than creating a fresh one from scratch. All the killings take place on Lumia Island, where players have to craft armors and weapons, prepare different food for boosts, and become the last man standing at the end! Black Survival: Eternal Return is now scheduled for a Free-to-Play launch in early 2020.