V4 – Quick preview of the 6 playable classes in upcoming mobile MMORPG

With an official “premium showcase” event a couple of weeks down the road, publisher Nexon and developer NAT Games (HIT, Overhit) today revealed the 6 playable classes in their upcoming Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG, V4 (Victory For). While not mentioned, it would appear that all classes are gender-locked, though each of them sport a unique look and weapons. Here is a preview of the 6 playable classes in V4! Do note that the names and other details might change when V4 finally arrives on the global stage. Read on now!


The default melee DPS class, Warlord is a class which is friendly to new players with a simple and straightforward combat system. Preferring to decimate enemies in close range, Warlord uses weapons such as heavy hammers and gauntlets. Warlord’s unique energy is Vitality, which can be accumulated during fights and then activated to boost damage. The lower the Warlord’s health, the bigger advantage he has! Sounds totally like a Berserker…


Armed with a sword and shield, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the Knight class’ role. Balanced between offense and defense, Knight’s unique energy is Strength. The energy accumulated whenever damage is received or dealt. When activated, its boosts the Knight’s attack and defense, letting her to stay on the field longer fight. This also allows some form of strategic play, allowing losing parties in PVP to seek a possible reverse win.


As the class name suggests, prepare to nuke enemies with an array of powerful spells from a distance! This long-ranged DPS class has the unique energy named Focus and it is charged by each successful attack. The effects are increased spell damage and even new visuals for spells. Controlling battles from afar, Magician is the perfect class for players who prefer to play as a “glass cannon” and deal tons of damage to everything that moves.


While the first 3 classes are pretty basic and cookie-cutter, Blader is a class not usually seen and probably made famous by Cabal Online. Equipped with a 2-handed sword in one hand and a short sword in the other, Blader has the unique Link system rather than energy. Pretty much like a combo system, whenever a skill successfully lands on enemies, a link skill opens up and allows Blader to attack again. If the link attack hits, a marker skills then opens up for the chance to deal even more followup damage. Rather than being in the thick of battle, the Blader should choose targets strategically and take them down by surprise.


I am guessing that the Gunslinger will be the most popular class. Occupying the traditional archer role, this long-range DPS deals a world of hurt with her pistols and long guns while escaping attacks through evasive maneuvers. Apparently the Gunslinger can use 10 active skills on the battlefield, and when used successfully, accumulates the unique Heat energy. This in turn activates the “Hit” skill which supposedly deals a great amount of damage. Gunslinger is the perfect class for players who love dynamic combat, active dodging, and view the battlefield from different angles. Sounds like the most complicated class to me!


Described as a “hybrid” class, we have arrived at the must-have loli race/class of every Korean mobile game these days. Axler is skilled at both close and mid-range battles with a “balanced” combat system. Her weapon of choice is an axe equipped with a shotgun-like muzzle at the opposite end which fires a shell that deals explosive damage. Axler has 2 unique battle features, including “Air Stream” and “Linkage.” Apparently, Axler consumes accumulated air force to gain increased damage temporarily. When a skill hits in this state, a link skill will open up for players to activate. Another complicated class only for veterans!

Just a note that all classes in V4 are tuned to be more aggressive compared to typical online games, which is similar to developer NAT Games’ debut title, HIT. All 6 classes have the ability to transform into their devil forms, or Devil Chaser, when the requirements are met. The “premium showcase” event is scheduled for 27 Sept, so stay tuned for updates!