Nexon – Over 80 employees “dropped” from canceled Unreal Engine 4 game

It seems that the “crisis” at Nexon is continuing over in the Korean offices. 2 weeks after closing down 2 western subsidiaries, Nexon M and Division Partners Office, and after announcing it will not be taking part in G-Star 2019 for the very first time in 14 years, the South Korean media today unleashed several articles talking about Nexon’s fall from grace. However, the one which stood out was from Inven, which managed to find out some some of the happenings within the Korean office. Do take note that these are unconfirmed info which Inven obtained through chatting with unnamed Nexon employees. Read on for more!

• “Many” of Nexon’s development teams and projects have been “dropped.”

• Even though the employees involved are technically still employed, there is a feeling of unemployment as they are yet to be briefed on what will happen to them.

• Nexon’s CEO and PR departments continue to insist there is “no restructuring,” and it is just “reorganizing to cope with the rapidly changing game market trends.”

• One of the dropped (or canceled) titles is Project G from Nexon Red, an Unreal Engine 4 collectible card game. It was in development by the team which made Legion of Heroes. More than 80 employees working on Project G is now “on hold.”

• Nexon Labor Union, an internal employee union with some external stakeholders, mentioned that they anticipated some movements due to the reorganization, but did not expect over 80 employees to be “dropped” at the same time.

• Development employees of games which are currently running are also “dropped,” along with operational employees as well. However, for these games, the decrease in manpower does not mean the games will stop running.

• All these “dropped” employees currently do not have any idea what will happen to their employment status with Nexon as no clear transitional process has been explained to them.

• Nexon’s CEO claimed he will be making an official statement publicly “as soon as possible.”

• The main cause of concern right now is still employees’ job insecurities and having no actual tasks to do for an unknown number of time.

• An official statement from Nexon also claims that “employees who have finished with projects are being matched with other positions through the human resource department.”