Codename SOC – New survival zombie mobile shooter highlighted by Tencent

With most of the spotlight on the Nintendo Switch event over at ChinaJoy 2019 held by Tencent and Nintendo, it is normal for Tencent’s other games to take a step back. However, there was still an impressive stage and booth areas to showcase mobile games, and one of the highlighted ones with stage time is Codename SOC. It was first announced in March, crafted by the at Lightspeed & Quantum Studios using Unreal Engine 4. If you did not know, it also previously developed PUBG Mobile (now known as Peace Elites in China).

While only the PVE shooting gameplay was highlighted in the current demo version, Codename SOC promised to have features such as wildlife survival and scavenging, base building, and more co-op elements. Unfortunately, rather than letting players create their own unique characters, it seems players will have to choose from a stable of ready-made ones, each with their own specialty skills including sniping, healing, hunting, and more.