CryoFall – New online sci-fi survival RPG enters Steam Early Access

[Steam Early Access] CryoFall, a new multiplayer survival RPG from publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer AtomicTorch Studio, recently entered Steam Early Access. This unique sci-fi game challenges players to survive on a harsh, alien planet with a variety of official and community servers hosting persistent worlds for up to 200 players each. CryoFall delivers a complex survival experience with unlimited opportunities for players to make their own mark on their world. Discover new ways of farming, hunting, cooking, crafting, mining, building and trading, with multiple specializations available per character.

The challenges of staying alive push players to choose between working collaboratively with others to build a functional new society in an effort to learn the secrets of this hostile alien world or succumb to the most basic of urges and try to take what others have worked hard to build. But exploration is also critical. Ensuring the survival of your new society rests not only on you and your fellow players, but on the strange new world around you: a vicious landscape full of hidden labs to unearth and exotic alien lifeforms to harvest and fight.

Key features of CryoFall:

• Complex crafting and industrial system, including oil refining and lithium extraction.

• Various stages of technological progress (primitive, industrial, modern, post-modern, sci-fi).

• Farming with complex crop growth simulation, fertilizers, etc. & diverse cooking options.

• Wide range of player interactions and roles with specialization options emphasizing meaningful interactions, rather than just combat.

• Fully functional economy simulation with coin minting, trading and automated vending machines managed by players.

• Carefully handcrafted maps and locations (plus map editor).

• Storyline elements discovered through exploration.

• Diverse environments with several biomes (temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, wasteland, etc.).

• In-house developed Renkei Engine, allowing hundreds of players on the same server.

• Complex character simulation with several dozens of status effects (e.g., bleeding, poisoning, radiation, etc.).

• Extensive modding capabilities, including real-time code editing.

CryoFall is available now on Steam Early Access, priced at £15.99/€19.99, with regular content updates planned for the immediate future. AtomicTorch Studio have laid out details of currently planned updates in a roadmap that will be continuously expanded based on community feedback. The detailed update roadmap is available for viewing right here.