Summoners War – New mobile RTS based on popular IP to be announced at Samsung Galaxy S10 event

Mobile games giant Com2uS recently announced its quarterly financial report for the last 3 months of 2018, and disclosed a couple of new information about upcoming titles. Since a few years back, Com2uS has spoken about expanding the Summoners War IP with new games and products, including the highly-anticipated Summoners War MMORPG. While that is still in the works, it was revealed that a new game based on Summoners War, 서머너즈워: 백년전쟁, will be announced at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 event. Interestingly, this mobile game is of a real-time strategy (RTS) genre, in the veins of city builders such as DomiNations, Clash of Clans, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Stay tuned for updates!

Update 2: The first details for Summoners War: Lost Centuria has been revealed!

Update 1: Switched out the Korean slides for the English ones, which came 4 days late. The official title of the new mobile RTS based on Summoners War is now officially known as “Summoners War: Lost Centuria”. This is NOT the Summoners War MMORPG.

Also, here are a couple of new images for the Summoners War MMORPG (set to launch end 2019) included in the financial report. This is different from the Summoners War RTS title mentioned above. There hasn’t been much news for the mobile MMORPG, but you can see more early screenshots of the game in our previous posts. It still looks like it will be of the action combat genre, similar to games such as HIT and Dragon Nest Mobile.


  1. If i have to use 2 fingers to use the skill of the mons and the circle pad; i wont get to play because i use a key board with a mouse and i cant use the screen because the tablet screen is broken. So please make it look normal on the island and when battling because ive been playing since 2016 and dont want to lose my reputation.


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