Riot Games – League of Legends studio is hiring for new “cool game”

While the joke about Riot Games actually just makes 1 game has been around for some time, rumors of a new IP has been swirling around since Greg Street joined the company from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft team. Recently, a new tweet giving the biggest hint of a new project surfaced, with Riot Games looking to fill up several art positions. The tweet came from Katie Chironis, a Senior Narrative Designer at the League of Legends developer.

Some interesting facts from the positions highlighted from the tweet include:

• The 3 positions are Senior Lighting Artist (R&D), Lead Concept Artist (R&D), and Senior VFX Artist (R&D).

• Some eye-catching preferred experience include “working with popular game engines”, “shipped a new IP”, and “Unity, Unreal, or equivalent game engine VFX tools”.

• It also seems that this new game is still in its early stages as another preferred experiences stated “worked on a project from inception through completion”.


  1. They said Open world game set in the world of Runeterra… And they said it’s not gonna be a MMORPG…

    So that leaves it only to be Battle Shityale.


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