Guardians of Ember – Hack and Slash action MMORPG relaunches under Gameforge

[Closed Beta signup] European game publisher recently announced it will relaunch PC action MMORPG, Guardians of Ember, as a Free-to-Play title early this year. Guardians of Ember was previously a Buy-to-Play game on Steam, and that decision obviously ended in disaster. Featuring a vast array of improvements and upgrades developed by Taiwanese developer Runewaker – the creators of Runes of Magic – Guardians of Ember treats players to an action-packed quest to defeat evil in a unique genre mashup that offers a devastating combat system, boundless character options, and a massively multiplayer open world.

Guardians of Ember combines the “hack and slash” and MMORPG genres into an action-oriented multiplayer online game, creating a pulse-pounding combination accessible to hardcore fans of and newcomers to either genre. Players choose from among 4 races and six different character classes and optimize their skillsets with endless options. Combat is brutal, tasking players with calculating their attacks for optimal damage in order to tear the opposition to shreds. Featuring 58 regions, over 60 randomized dungeons, and foes from all planes of existence, Guardians’ world of Olyndale is vast and filled with challenges.

Guardians of Ember key features:

“Hack and Slash” Collaborative Combat

Engage in thrilling carnage with up to four friends — mixing magic and brawn — and obliterate the legions of evil that have invaded Olyndale. Randomized dungeons additionally house various PvE challenges.

The Arena of Honor

For only the bravest and most bloodthirsty Guardians, enter the area and face off against your friends or enemies. The Arena of Honor features 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 PVP matches.

Become an Immortal Guardian

Choose from six unique classes sourced from all corners of the world of Olyndale: Knight, Dark Knight, Ranger, Engineer, Priest, or Mage.

Dual Class System

Extend your skill set by selecting a secondary class after reaching level 15, unlocking new skills and abilities.

Endless Challenges

Take part in an epic quest-line with more than 100 missions and daily quests.

Make Your Mark

Whether in battle or when resting away from the action, customize your character’s gear with weapon crafting and enchantments, or decorate your own personalized home.