Digital Extremes – Warframe developer nabs Meitu as new China investor

Meitu is well-known overseas for its slew of selfie apps such as MakeupPlus (美图秀秀) with over 50 million downloads, while in the domestic market of China it also makes several smartphone models. Recently, Meitu announced it was looking into expand its global business, and hence teamed up with Leyou Technologies. If you did not know, Leyou is the main shareholder of Digital Extremes, developer of the space ninja MMORPG, Warframe.

With this new deal, Meitu will own 30% of Dreamscape Horizon Limited, the subsidiary under Leyou which owns 97% of Digital Extremes (67% after the deal is done). Since Meitu primarily deals in mobile, it seems certain that Digital Extremes will be working for the mobile platform as well, which it hasn’t done so thus far. Will we be seeing a mobile version of Warframe soon? Or will the new Chinese investors demand something else? Stay tuned!