Netmarble – Seoul High Court dismisses appeal against misleading loot box percentages

Back in March, several major Korean game companies were fined by the local Fair Trade Commission for dishonest crimes revolving around loot boxes and their percentages. The companies involved included Nexon and Netmarble among several others. Unhappy with the fine and an additional charge for misrepresenting the loot box probabilities, Netmarble lodged an appeal in July. It was announced by the Seoul High Court that the appeal has been dismissed. The game involved was Magu Magu, a long-running baseball game.

During an event, Netmarble advertised that the rate for premium 5* and 6* equipment has been raised 10 times, but in actual fact has only raised by 3.3 and 5 times. There were other erroneous percentages involved, and thus the Korean Fair Trade Commission determined that Netmarble has displayed a behavior that attracted and engaged consumers by informing them of false or exaggerated facts. The reason to dismiss the appeal has been privately communicated to Netmarble and the Korean Fair Trade Commission.