Riot Games – Investigative report claims developer is a toxic place which drives out female employees

[Source] According to a recent investigative report by Kotaku which took place over a few months, several current and former Riot employees discussed the toxic workplace environment which ultimately drives women out of the studio. According to current and former Riot employees, the feedback culture at Riot rewards men and demeans women.

Kristen Fuller, who departed Riot back in March, explains she got interrupted a lot. “It’s hard to get a word in edgewise,” she says. “I’ve been talking and someone else starts talking and starts to talk louder when I don’t stop. A lot of men don’t take no for an answer.”

Another former employee, who remains anonymous, describes how her largely-male division often insulted her after she refused to do secretarial work, despite her non-secretary position. “I feel like that type of working environment caters to men,” she explains.

Women who do speak up and follow Riot’s on-paper ideals are reprimanded, often told that they’re being too loud and emotional. Male employees who spoke to Kotaku agreed that Riot’s feedback culture wasn’t built to support women.

“The company dismisses feedback when it comes to gender,” explains a male employee. “Riot is a new upstart company whose explicit mottos are ‘Challenge convention’ and ‘Feedback culture.’ To not see that reflected in the way Riot addresses social issues feels extra bad.”

The investigative piece was part of a longer interview around the workplace culture at Riot, so be sure to read it in its entirety over at Kotaku.