MU Legend – New continent of Noria arrives with official Steam launch

[Steam page] Webzen today announced the global launch of its MMORPG, MU Legend, and celebrated its arrival on Steam. MU Legend, which has been in Open Beta since Nov 2017, will also get its first official expansion: Noria. Noria adds the entirely new continent of Noria with numerous new quests and dungeons offering exceptional rewards. Also added to the game are convenient and improved leveling, a whole new pet system, an innovative talisman system and Airship Defense will push the players’ dexterity and skills to the next level.

Bonus: New and returning players

Every new and returning player will receive buffs to reach level 70 faster and start questing their way through the new expansion. Players can look forward to valuable gifts, such as MU Legend fashion, wings, gems and other items used to enhance any character’s look and build.

Bonus: Official launch celebration

Webzen has dedicated a new website to the new expansion. The website offers detailed information about Noria and its numerous enhancements and offers all players, from beginner to veteran, the chance to receive over $200 US worth of valuable in-game rewards.

Bonus: Steam launch celebration

To celebrate the Steam release, MU Legend has prepared a Steam platform-exclusive DLC which is only available to users of the platform. This DLC, named “MU Legend Pioneer’s Pack“, contains valuable items to ensure players get the best possible start into the game.