Titanfall Online – Nexon stops development on Free-to-Play version of mecha shooter

If you did not know, a Free-to-Play version of Titanfall was announced for South Korea under Nexon as Titanfall Online some months ago last year. Based on Electronic Art’s sci-fi mecha shooter, the development of converting the game was handled by Nexon GT, whose development team worked on the online shooter Sudden Attack. The agreement came to an end earlier today when both companies reportedly agreed to stop the development of Titanfall Online. Fun fact, Titanfall Online is still in Closed Beta phase and has yet to launch!

Titanfall Online boasted exclusive content such as brand new Titans, pilots, an original world view, and even a new mission. According to Nexon, the decision made together with Electronic Arts was a business one after a “thorough review.” Nexon also said that it is a better decision to put the talented development team to work on another new product, and it will continue to work with Electronic Arts on “innovative” new games such as FIFA Online 4. Neither Nexon nor Electronic Arts mentioned if Titanfall Online will still launch this year.