MapleStory 2 – First class advancement update arrives in Korean server

Despite MapleStory 2 not doing that well in terms of revenue and barely touching what its predecessor MapleStory is currently achieving, the development team at Nexon has always provided regular new content to the game since launch. The biggest landed earlier today, with the first class advancement update arriving for all 11 playable classes. Other than having new artwork, players will also receive 4 new skills based on 1 of 2 specialization they choose. For example, the High Priest can select the recovery path or damage path.

The class advancement quest opens up to players at level 60. As usual, Nexon has put out quality game trailers to highlight this massive update (known as First Career UP). The English server of MapleStory 2, which IP blocks most parts of Asia, is currently in the Closed Beta phase. The Founder’s Packs were also recently announced with tons of bonus digital goodies given at launch! Stay tuned for updates on other servers of MapleStory 2!


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