Fractured Lands – Steam Early Access date announced for post-apocalyptic battle royale

[Steam page] Fractured Lands, the new first-person, last-player-standing shooter from Unbroken Studios, a team of senior developers behind the production of successful franchises like Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, speeds to PC via Steam Early Access on July 31, 2018. In a post-apocalyptic world gone mad, achieve greatness by ruling the road. Out-drive and out-gun the competition in an intense, ride or die online battle where every combatant begins behind the wheel of a customizable vehicle.The road to domination begins!

Once the pedal hits the metal, race to scour the badlands in search of weapons, fuel and gear. Danger hunts you down from any angle, and it’s as much your wits as it is your firepower that will get you through this hell. As you keep an eye and ear out for incoming attacks, a looming radioactive storm rages, capable of choking out even the toughest competitor, shifting randomly as it encroaches to bring everyone together… in death.

While this leads to thrilling firefights, it’s your ride that will ultimately prove to be your greatest weapon, strongest armor, and true lifeline out in the wastelands. Whether motorcycle or muscle car (or other vehicles in development), your ride provides additional inventory space for scavenged loot, or can be souped-up with killer upgrades like mounted guns, armored plating, and rocket boosters to tear through the opposition and traverse the harsh terrain.

Watch your wheels and keep the tank full – or be prepared to steal someone else’s. At the end of it all, it comes down to staying alive by any means necessary to claim your blood-soaked victory as the last one standing. Fractured Lands will be available worldwide for PC in Steam Early Access starting July 31, 2018 for an early-bird promo price of $19.99 that includes first season content at no additional cost when it releases in the coming months.