Fortnite – Battle royale success elevates Epic Games founder to billionaire status

[Source] According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney is now a billionaire due to the mega success of the battle royale game, Fortnite. Founded 27 years ago in the basement of his parent’s house, Epic Games has seen its fair share of successful games, including the Gears of War series, but none would expect a Free-to-Play game could have such an impact with gamers. It is now played by 125 million worldwide.

Fortnite alone is on track to generate $2 billion this year, making Epic Games worth $5 billion to $8 billion with founder Tim Sweeney as the controlling shareholder. This is definitely music to the ears of investor Tencent (40%), who is preparing to launch Fortnite in China as well. Now considered as a global phenomenon, Fortnite is played obsessively by children, famous rappers, streamers, millionaire professional athletes and middle-age accountants.