Kritika Online – Dawn of Awakenings update arrives with new power-ups and dungeons

[Play on Steam] En Masse Entertainment today released the free Dawn of Awakenings update for their stylish anime action brawler, Kritika Online. Dawn of Awakenings brings new content and class growth for max level players, continuing the story that began in April with the release of the Windhome update as players fight through new Danger Zones with 6 playable characters and earn powerful Dusk weapons and armor for their efforts.

Dedicated Warriors and Monks can log in today to begin their journey towards achieving “Noble” status if they’ve gained a high enough Combat Rating, embarking on an Awakening quest that will put their skills and mastery of their class to the test. Completion of the quest will unlock the Awakened version of their advanced class and grant access to five powerful new skills and a potent passive buff. A visible new character portrait awaits all!

Dawn of Awakenings continues the story that kicked off with the Windhome update, introducing four new Danger Zones to the Windhome Danger Zone highway. Explore the Suffering Spring, scale the Dragon Peaks, storm the Gate Portal and traverse the Worldly Pit. A new Ultimate Zone designed for players equipped with powerful gears is now available as well, Dusk Pirates’ Den. Battle the Wasteland pirates’ leader, Pirate Shan, and his minions through six stages to earn the newly released Dusk weapons and armor.