FarSide – Perfect World previews new battle royale mobile game

Together with the announcement of ReEvolve, Perfect World Entertainment also announced FarSide, a battle royale mobile game. Pretty much similar to the battle royale games out there, players find themselves skydiving into the FarSide Arena, where they must find and equip weapons, vehicles, and survival equipment to achieve victory. As the battle drags on, the arena will shrink, forcing players to confront each other in an intensifying final battle.

Some of FarSide’s features include:

• Unlimited use of vehicles, allowing players to move quickly through the arena and evacuate dangerous areas

• Real recoil and parabolic ballistic shooting, making FarSide a truly tactical competition

• A vast, immersive arena for players to explore and conquer

• A variety of skills to master, including firearms, driving, swimming, and nature, which players can use to outwit and outlast their opponents


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