Monster Hunter – Milla Jovovich set to star in movie adaptation of video game franchise

[Source] Taking a break from the normal industry and direct gaming news, it was recently confirmed that Milla Jovovich, the main actress of the Resident Evil movie series, will once again star in a movie based on a Capcom franchise, this time being Monster Hunter. You might be shocked at the news, but the Resident Evil movies did earn hundreds of millions globally. The last movie grossed over USD 300 million based on a budget of USD 40 million.

Led by Germany-based Constantin Film (also behind the Resident Evil movies), the Monster Hunter movie will reunite Milla Jovovich with director Paul W. S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt, although it seems Anderson will not be the director. Constantin Film will partner on the movie with “a big company” in Japan and another in China, both taking equity in the project. A Resident Evil reboot is also being planned behind the scenes.