Bless Online – Gamers whine over Steam Early Access details

[Steam page] Neowiz recently caused a huge uproar upon announcing its Steam Early Access plans for the upcoming global server of Bless Online. There is a “premium customer service” feature for the most expensive Early Access package (USD 199.99), which incurred wrath from the community. Further more, players were confused as to why they need to pay USD 29.99 to play Bless Online as they thought the game will be Free-to-Play. It is not.

Gamers need to stop whining and pay closer attention to details. First off, with experience working in the online games industry, it is just normal for companies to give priority customer service to whales and paying players. The abnormal practice is to announce it, like Neowiz did. Second, the business model was announced back in March, and players only have themselves to blame for ignoring the news. Come on, reading ain’t so tough!

With those out of the way, the Steam Early Access for Bless Online begins on 30 May for those who bought the base game (USD 29.99). If you are willing to fork out more for the 3 different Founder Packages (USD 39.99, USD 69.99, USD 199.99), you will enter the Bless Online on 28 May with a bunch of extra digital goodies. Neowiz also confirmed there will be a premium subscription option (bonus EXP, storage, etc I guess?) and cosmetic cash shop.