Bless Online – Gamers whine over Steam Early Access details

[Steam page] Neowiz recently caused a huge uproar upon announcing its Steam Early Access plans for the upcoming global server of Bless Online. There is a “premium customer service” feature for the most expensive Early Access package (USD 199.99), which incurred wrath from the community. Further more, players were confused as to why they need to pay USD 29.99 to play Bless Online as they thought the game will be Free-to-Play. It is not.

Gamers need to stop whining and pay closer attention to details. First off, with experience working in the online games industry, it is just normal for companies to give priority customer service to whales and paying players. The abnormal practice is to announce it, like Neowiz did. Second, the business model was announced back in March, and players only have themselves to blame for ignoring the news. Come on, reading ain’t so tough!

With those out of the way, the Steam Early Access for Bless Online begins on 30 May for those who bought the base game (USD 29.99). If you are willing to fork out more for the 3 different Founder Packages (USD 39.99, USD 69.99, USD 199.99), you will enter the Bless Online on 28 May with a bunch of extra digital goodies. Neowiz also confirmed there will be a premium subscription option (bonus EXP, storage, etc I guess?) and cosmetic cash shop.


  1. Wow, what a bad article…
    Players were NOT mad about the fact, that it was B2P, though the price of 200$ was seen as a bit much.

    The major concerns were:
    – WHAT THE FUCK is that premium membership stuff? There was afaik NO detail for that before (only a vague “maybe”)
    – PLUS a cash-shop (what can we buy there?)
    – Tiered customer service… (wth is that?)

    These were the main points, minors were like
    – price points quite high
    – only 2 days headstart
    – founder title only for 200$ preorder

    So all in all, its all about trust. We dont trust the delevoper that this is not becoming p2w soon ™.
    Also the way the developer handled all those questions and new stuff like the emissary cloak issue was rather poor and unprofessional.

    Not a good way to start your game, that has failed in 3 countries before already….

    • There has always been tiered customer service in all games, and this is from someone who works inside the industry. Imagine you are the company’s owner, with a limited team of customer service, would you be handling complaints from free players first or those who supported the game and paid more? Neowiz is dumb to announce this, no freaking idea what it is thinking.

  2. $199 US converted to Australian its $263.74 putting it way out of reach of any of us Australians who dont have deep pocks.

    $29.99 US = $39.75 Australian
    $39.99 US = $53.00 Australian
    $69.99 US = $92.76 Australian
    $199 US = $263.74 Australian

  3. Man, that’s prolly the worst article I read here in these years. I’m not sure where your sources are from, but the majority of people I’ve seen in reddit and other mmorpg sites aren’t clueless at all about it being b2p. You can take it with a gain of salt as well, since I won’t bother much to go through articles to show, but you go in THAT mmorpg site, you will be able to see most of people are pretty cautious about “premium membership”, being vague as that sound, could mean anything. A personal experience I had with a chinese MMO released in NA, still open tho but almost dead and just the whales, which had a thing called ” super premium membership” which literally was pay to GMs real money to get the item you wanted from a fixed item list with fixed price, and to be able to do so you had spent I think $10k usd buying things from top up events.
    Back to bless, that’s totally not what is going on. People are pretty aware it will end like dbo, where they said the b2p model was to avoid p2w and all shit, and now you can see bdo reputation in all kind of places. People think that’s just an easy cash grab, and yes they’re right to be able to do so since it’s not a f2p and people are going to spend 30 bucks non refundable since the game is early access, I’m not entire sure if they change early access rules about refund so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and lose their money since the game turned into a ghost town in less than 2 months.
    Also not going into the fact that the game failed in other regions being f2p, and now in west it’s b2p which again sounds like the tale of bdo drama in the west.

  4. You guys are ok with Black Desert Online being B2P with premium membership, but not Bless Online? You can just pay for the basic and treat everything else as optional, no one is pointing a gun to force you to buy the founder packages or premium subs.

    • Cinder , i don’t think anyone is ok with BDO business model AT ALL .. you also justified BDO before for being B2P when i talked about the SEA version .. you are under the B2P trend spell these days and its understandable , but clinging to a price tag on any game any time gets kinda suspicious and shady since those games are F2P and wearing the B2P mask and shady practices like this doesn’t deserve defending .. i know that Bless online devs needs to recover their loses in anyway but let’s not give anything a free pass out of pity , what they have done atm is questionable and still mysterious

      • “Cinder , i don’t think anyone is ok with BDO business model AT ALL”

        I am looking at Pearl Abyss’ financial report, and that paints a different picture.

        • Why does a “paywall” matter to you that much when you clearly know the reasoning behind BDO success , if BDO was F2P in the western side it could have laughably surpassed the B2P numbers , easily .. simply for the fact that its been the most high quality open world A-MMORPG on the market and if only it was released as F2P it would have gave Pearl Abyss a huge publicity more than it is right now on how to make a high quality F2P MMO .. but they didn’t done that .. sucks for them not having an extra publicity with a proud establishment

  5. TL;DR on top like never before, the trend starts here by Weilan: Forget this garbage game, just buy The Elder Scrolls Online – a lot cheaper, premium game that offers so much more – polished PvP, outstanding PvE and questing with fully voiced NPCs for absolutely every dialogue they have and even outside of dialogue. You get a lot for free, soon there will be a daily login system implemented, like in a month or so, they do free subscription events at least once a year where you can play DLCs you don’t own for free. They are very generous and the game is the best MMORPG in the world right now. Screw BLESS.

    Of course they will whine. I would too if I was excited about purchasing the game.

    I actually was at one point, if it was $20. They are outright arrogant with those prices and everything. Screw them and screw this garbage game.

    It will milk gullible players, then players will decrease seeing as how the game is garbage and has a horrible questing system of cheap Asian MMOs from 2005 kill 30 wolves, collect 40 flowers and mediocre story.

    Then nobody will be talking about the game, articles on MMO news websites will sit with zero comments, they will start making discounts to get people into buying their garbage game again.

    And then when everything fails, they will make it F2P, there will be some influx of players and then it will shut down.

    It will be the same like Black Desert, ArcheAge and Revelation Online.

    BD was supposed to be F2P, but they milked it too, the servers are garbage, the game is mediocre and players are pissed and disappointed.

    ArcheAge is also flawed by its horrible design decisions, not the publisher Trion. While Trion did horrible things, the game itself was garbage. I played it for at least 50 hours and in the end I gave up, because the gameplay was really boring and stupid. The world looks boring and unoriginal and the game suffers from the same fate as all F2P Asian MMORPGs. The map and placement of objects and mobs, in AA’s case the mobs were only on the path of the quests, so are any objects of any significance, if you go to the “wall mountains” that surround the end of the zone, there is nothing, just some vegetation or maybe not even that … nothing… how can a world that feels so fake and dead can be any appealing?

    RO was also supposed to be a big deal, but it failed not because it was published by My.COM, but because the game itself is garbage… The Assassin class… in a middle ages Wuxia world … has a mount… that’s a motorbike… that looks like it’s from the future. There is also flying and flying is the one thing that destroys MMORPGs. It destroyed World of Warcraft, it made me not play AION for more than a few hours, it destroyed all games whose developers were stupid enough to implement it.

    But back on topic – yeah BLESS is a F2P game that is garbage and they are trying to do one last milking on Steam before they throw it in the trash. Just look at how releases are coming – Korea > Japan > China > Russia and then The West – it’s like a path, if they released it all at once, it would fail faster and they will milk less money.


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