Bless Online – Steam Early Access head start begins for gamers who purchase Founder’s Pack

[Steam page] Today is the day thousands of gamers have been waiting for years to arrive – Bless Online is now live on Steam’s Early Access! The official launch is on May 30th, but Founders can buy the game now to receive a two-day head start along with a bevy of other benefits for being the first players to enter the game’s anticipated worldwide release.

Bless is a Buy to Play MMORPG – meaning you pay once to purchase the game, and never need to open your wallet again to keep enjoying the world and all of its content. Neowiz Bless Studio is committed to making additional content patches free of charge for all its players, supporting the the game instead through optional cosmetic items and an optional subscription that adds things like XP boosts and exclusive costumes to a player’s account.

Bonus items like costumes and weapon skins can be bought with an in-game currency called Lumena, which can also be earned in-game just by playing. Always fair, never pay-to-win is the motto of the entire team, and it’s precisely why they’ve chosen to self-publish the game on Steam, rather than go with a third-party and give up control of such choices.