Swordsman X – Quick look at Closed Beta 2 of wuxia battle royale

Back in Febrauary, we first wrote about a new and unique battle royale game from China, Swordsman X. I recently got to try Swordsman X in its Closed Beta 2 phase, and for the record, no kills were managed in my first 2 games, as seen in the footage below. I do admit I suck in PVP games, but the ancient wuxia setting in Swordsman X means I had to give it a try. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, developed by China-based Dream Game Studio and published by Cube Game, here is a quick look at wuxia battle royale Swordsman X.

Other than the ancient wuxia setting, the main difference with the western battle royale games is the addition of a MMORPG-like skill system. Picking up weapons might be cool, but players have to find the corresponding weapon manuals to unlock skills. If not, the players can only use normal attacks. The lower level of these manual can usually be found beside the weapons, while higher tiers one (Level 3 and above) are usually scattered across the world. Due to latency issues, most of my skills did not hit the target, hence the record.

Publisher Cube Game has previously announced that Swordsman X will be a Buy-to-Play game, similar to PUBG. Perhaps it did not anticipate the rise of Fortnite, a Free-to-Play battle royale which is overtaking PUBG in viewership, players, and possibly earnings. In the settings, I found that several languages of Swordsman X can be selected, but obviously they aren’t ready at this point. I guess we can see Swordsman X launching overseas in the future. I will try and play more of the game, and hopefully I can record a couple of kills.