Pearl Abyss – Counter-Strike creator joins Black Desert studio to work on new online shooter

Minh Le, known to many as Gooseman, is off to pursue new adventures. The legendary game creator that helped bring one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time to the world, Counter-Strike, has joined the ranks of South Korean developer Pearl Abyss! Known for its globally successful games such as Black Desert and the upcoming Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss is no doubt pleased about this hire as it seeks to grow in 2018.

According to Pearl Abyss, Minh Le will be working on a new project within the developer. Although there has been no official confirmation, Pearl Abyss has hinted over the months that it is working on an “online MOBA shooter“, which Minh Le will definitely have tons of knowledge to contribute. After leaving the Counter-Strike team and before joining Pearl Abyss, Minh Le has also worked on online shooters such as Tactical Intervention and Rust.