Honkai Impact 3rd – Wolf’s Dawn Awakening update is now live for mobile action RPG

One of the most popular mobile action games right now, Honkai Impact 3rd recently received its version 2.0 update, titled Wolf’s Dawn Awakening. Bronya, the main character of this update, will receive 2 powerful awakened forms: Wolf’s Dawn (A-Rank) and Black Nucleus (S-Rank). Developed by Chineese studio miHoYo, players who log into Honkai Impact 3rd for 7 days between 16 March to 29 March will receive a free Wolf’s Dawn!

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Here’s a more info about these 2 new forms. Wolf’s Dawn is a psychic-type battlesuit which is the classic upgraded form for Bronya. The battlesuit’s mecha arms can automatically attack enemies from a distance and coordinate actions with Bronya. Wolf’ Dawn Bronya is the first character in the game to have an elemental shield, capable of reducing large amounts of elemental damage taken by player’s whole team and provide powerful support.

Black Nucleus is a creature-type battlesuit which represents the corrupted form of Bronya. It is equipped with an ultimate skill that deals damage to enemies from all directions as well as various skills that allow her to enter a cloaked status and move undetected among the enemies. The perfect hybrid between power and stealth makes it immensely powerful!

New Feature: Dorm Party, chibi Valkyries arrive!

In the new Dorm Party feature, the Valkyries can finally move into St. Freya’s dormitory! Players can help the Valkyries arrange their rooms, collect furniture, and place decorations to make a cozy home. Valkyries will be in cute chibi form in the dorms, moving about freely to use various facilities. Players can tap and drag Valkyries to interact with them up close.

New Content: Extra Chapter For Bronya

Bronya’s extra game chapter picks up after her confrontation with Kakaria. Bronya has successfully destroyed the bio chip in her brain, but has fallen into a deep sleep and entered a fantasy dreamland. Fast asleep, can she escape the prison of the dream? Players can enter the extra chapter, Dilemma Dreamland, and explore Bronya’s unknown fate!