Warframe – The undead rises in Ghoul Purge Bounties update

[Play free now] Canadian developer Digital Extremes today injected a dose of gruesome action in Warframe: Plains of Eidolon with the new “Ghoul Purge Bounties” content update. The grounds of the Plains have erupted with vile beings of Grineer (enemy race) origin – repugnant Ghouls that overrun their victims in a gruesome mass of limbs, toxin and violence. Players will encounter them via a Ghoul Alert, or by stumbling across their graveyards (where they are “born” from the ground), through Incursions or Bounties.

These 4 disgusting new Grineer include the Rictus Ghoul, who wields a deadly buzz saw it can ride to battle; the Auger Ghoul, armed with dual flame-throwers that double as drills it uses to dig into the earth in one spot, disappear, and surface in another for a surprise attack; the Devourer Ghoul, a hideous, pustule-laden beast, attacks with a lengthy tongue, spiked fists, and a jet pack to thrust him forward to shred targets to bits; and the Expired Ghoul, who dons bomb-spiked gloves to beat and detonate enemies to pieces.

Keep your eyes on the sky, as dynamic weather has come to the Plains of Eidolon! This new system brings rain, lightning, rolling thunder, changing wind, and cloud patterns. With the inclement weather, there is also an increase of fish spawns; Grineer have reduced visibility while it is raining, and weather can change day or night. Stay vigilant to take advantage of its benefits! The full list of new content can be found at the official Warframe website.


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